A right royal day!

Client: ABN AMRO

Brief: every year, ABN AMRO organises a reunion for their retired bankers, and every year (thank you, thank you) they ask Event Station to come up with something just a little different.

Concept: This time, the location was a royal palace: het Loo. During four days, 2400 pensioners were picked up from near their homes and driven to this fabulous location. Their, the bank’s Management Team welcomed their guests with immaculately served coffee and biscuits. The programme included tours around the extensive gardens, visits by horse-drawn tram to the royal stables, and -of course- a sumptuous meal served in a specially constructed royal pavillion.

How happy was ABN AMRO: “We acknowledge our success is built on the performances of previous generations. That’s why we enjoy honouring them in a fitting entourage, where nostalgia goes hand in hand with a great day out. Every year, Event Station manages to pleasantly surpise both us, and our pensioners.”