A unique party providing energy for the next 25 years

Client: Loodswezen

Brief: Bringing ships to port safely, means it’s time for a celebration.

Concept: for 25 years, Loodswezen has piloted ocean giants safely into port. They know their greatest strength is their skilled staff, including those on dry land. And so, that staff was invited to display their talents to colleagues during a spectacular show in Studio 21. There was a secretary singing Verdi, accompanied on piano by the communications manager. There was a high powered rock group, built around pilots and pupils -with some managerial support. There was comedy, dancing, music, singing, all coached by top professionals to exceed even their own expectations. Of course there was plenty of food and drink, and the evening finished in style with a number of top entertainers sharing the stage with the talented staff performers .

How happy was Loodswezen? “This unique party generated enough energy for the next 25 years.”