A village event? Well, not really

Client: Stichting Culinaire Venen

Brief: bring to our villages an annual event for inhabitants that is anything but parochial.

Concept: Event Station is at home in the world. Oh, and in our home town -or village. For our own backyard, we conceived a gastronomic event involving all the local eateries, all the local population -and a couple of hand-picked charities who can really put the proceeds to good use. Local shopkeepers sponsored the event, presented fashion shows and otherwise joined in the fun. Meanwhile, Event Station laid on a highly select group of entertainers already world famous in their own village, and ready to expand their horizon.

How happy was Stichting Culinaire Venen? “We might not be the largest community in the country. But 3000 visitors…. you can’t deny our village fete is more than parochial in scope. We are already looking forward to an eleventh edition.”