According to the song, misery is what you get when the world treats you bad. And, according to Event Station, happiness is what you get when you involve us in your world. Because we are a full-service agency dedicated to producing events that exceed the expectations of our patrons and their guests. Surprising concepts, hi-tech implementation and faultless execution are keystones in our approach -an approach that has during the last twenty years ensured us of both the compliments of our clients and a multitude of awards from our fellow professionals. We believe in creativity and content, and in individuality. So, it seems, do our clients.


Of course we know how to throw a party, when celebrations are in order. But in business, there may be more to it than that. Mergers, acquisitions, changes in leadership or strategies… each sets its own demands on events that are designed to influence the perceptions of the involved stakeholders. To meet those demands, Event Station nurtures a carefully acquired network of specialists, to support our vastly experienced event organisers. The result: teams that operate in unison to achieve predetermined communication goals, in terms of awareness, involvement or even conduct.

Meet the happy!

Norbert Karthaus

Director Hiltermann Lease Groep

“Thanks for your efforts in celebrating our ten year jubilee. Great ideas, perfectly executed, from the tent and artists to security, entertainment and catering: everything was spot on. Two wonderful days no-one is likely to forget. Our customers and colleagues were pleasantly surprised, and are still wearing the smiles. You guys really know how to throw a party.”

Karin Burger

Manager Communications Dutch Customs Authority

“It’s over: three hectic, exciting, busy, special and l-o-o-o-n-g days. But hey, it was great. Hilarious, frustrating, emotional, cheerful, immersive, inspiring, and so much more. With such professional support and dedicated colleagues working as a team, we felt we could conquer the world. A huge success, and a great calling card for our organisation -and hence, for our country.”

Arend-Jan Rozema

Director Amasus Shipping / Chairman Bebeka

“Event Station don’t only discuss the what and how, but more importantly: the why. Why invite customers? Why organise a collective experience? The answers to these questions have, for years now, resulted in appropriate programming that genuinely satisfies our clients. Starting in 1996, the events have always been succesful, and innovative, and challenging to the very edges of the comfort zone. Every year, they repeat the question ‘why’. And every year, the answer leads to something memorable.”

Would you like to get happy?