We all became friends of the family.

Client: Lenferink family.

Brief: stage a golden wedding celebration for a large extended family: 300 guests of all ages. And there were a few constraints. Like ‘please arrange the party in our own back garden’, and ‘please involve local suppliers wherever possible’ and ‘please start with a bang in the afternoon, and end with a bang late at night’, and ‘please make it an open air do -except if it should rain, of course’.

Concept: No complex strategies or target group analysis. Just a happy couple about to become happier still. By building a tailor-made system of flexible tents, using a tailor-made matrix for suppliers and partners, and buying off the neighbours, a great time was had by all. At least, we think so…

How happy was the Lenferink family? “Sorry, this was a private function. Any expressions of ecstatic joy must remain family secrets. Suffice it to say: we are all friends now.”