Bringing policies to life

Client: Bebeka

Brief: Bebeka, a maritime co-operative from Groningen, wants to update her members and stakeholders on changes that are affecting the world of shipping.
Last year, Amsterdam’s Harbour Club was the venue, and former Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer was the keynote speaker in an interactive interchange of ideas. This year, Taets Art and Event Park in Zaandam hosted an inspiring event..

Concept: guests were given information on current and upcoming environmental issues affecting shipping, and what it could mean for business models. In an interactive setting, Holland’s most prominent journalist/interviewer Sven Kockelmann confronted shippers with the challenges only just around the corner, and chaired a debate on the realities of sustainability in shipping. Prominent speakers including heavyweight Paul Rosenmöller, cast light on how sustainability will move from the fringes to the centre stage of entrepreneurship -and what that will mean in practice.

How happy was Bebeka? “Event Station took the entire weight off our shoulders. In the process, they turned static policies into dynamic realities ”